Shooting in Jordan, Mizzou Student Strike

Breaking: A Jordanian policeman opened fire today on foreign trainers, killing two Americans and a South African before he was shot dead himself. Two other Americans and four Jordanians were wounded. The motive for the shooting in a camp outside Amman was not immediately apparent.

The Talk: President Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House today. They’ll be talking about the Middle East mess — Palestine, The Islamic State — and likely the Iran nuclear deal that Netanyahu doesn’t like. Compounding the difficulty of talking is that Obama and Netanyahu don’t much like each other.

On Strike: Students and faculty at the University of Missouri threatened to walk out today if the university president doesn’t resign or get fired. They say President Tim Wolfe has not properly handled and responded to incidents of racism on campus.

The movement gained force when black football players announced they are skipping practices and games until Wolfe is gone, joining a protest begun by a union of black students.

It’s an exercise of power by athletes at a university where football and basketball are a business. The black football players have been joined in the boycott by their white teammates, presenting a unified front. It may cost the players their season, possibly even their scholarships, but the boycott will cost the university a fortune.

World: After cancelling commercial flights to Egypt and the resort town of Sharm el-Shaikh, Russia over the weekend brought home more than 11,000 tourists who had been stranded without return flights. Britain has brought home 3,500 people.

Investigators appear to be leaning toward a bomb as the cause of the midair break up of a Russian charter jet over the Sinai, but have reached no official conclusion.

Majority Rule: The once Polish enclave of Hamtramck, Mich. has elected a six-member city council that is majority Muslim. The council had one incumbent Muslim and three Muslims were newly elected.

Hamtramck is now about 24% Arab; 19% Black; 15% Bangladeshi; 12% Polish; and 6% Yugoslavian, according to the US Census. The Muslim call to prayer is broadcast five times a day, as it is the Middle East, from loudspeakers on local mosques.

The Obit Page: Gunnar Hanson, the Icelandic actor who played the psychopathic “Leatherface” in the 1974 grindhouse fright flick “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” has died at home in Maine at age 68. The chainsaw-killing Leatherface is one of the most memorable characters in horror movies. On the gentler side, Hanson was also a naturalist who wrote a book about America’s barrier islands from Texas to North Carolina.

Comeback Kid: New York Giant defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul came roaring back yesterday, playing his first football game since blowing off his right index finger and parts of others in a 4th of July fireworks accident. He played 75 percent of the game wearing a protective glove that looked like an oven mitt.

The Domestic Beat: Football fans and commentators are outraged that Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy was allowed to play yesterday after the website Deadspin posted photos of the damage he did to his former girlfriend when he beat her up a year and a half ago. Pictures of Nicole Holder reveal bruises all over her body. In a police report Holder described being pulled by her hair and body slammed from room to room. She said Hardy looked “insane” and told her, “I should kill you.”

Hardy, who was with the Carolina Panthers at the time, served a four game suspension and reached a financial settlement with Holder. His criminal record was expunged last week, after Deadspin got a copy.

Defending Hardy, Dallas owner Jerry Jones said, “Greg has a commitment to us. He has a commitment to do the right thing.

NBC sports host Bob Costas said on air, “Greg Hardy is a bad guy who happens to be a good football player.”

The Grinch: The Starbucks chain is in hot coffee for removing Christmas images from its Holiday cups this year. Instead of featuring snowflakes and snowmen, the cups are just plain red with the company logo. It’s an effort to be “incusive” the company says. But an evangelical Christian has gone viral with a video posting saying, “Do you realize that Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups?”

Of course, Christ was never on the Starbucks cups.


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Arizona republican Sen. Jeff Flake speaking on the floor today.

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